Oranda are great!!!

Orandamned is a redemption story. Cliff James is killed during a Wallstreet riot, and is sent to Purgatory to atone for his sins, only he doesn’t know what his sins are, and as it turns out Purgatory is a fancy-goldfish fish-tank. Cliff wakes up in Purgatory as an Oranda. He meets a dark angel, a number of other inmates, and he grows fond of his keeper Aliya. Things go sour, and the inmates begin to suspect Aliya’s boyfriend, who has a key to her apartment, is actually the serial killer the news has been covering for some time. Can Cliff and the inmates, as goldfish, do anything to save Aliya before it is too late?

-Put on hold during the semester-

Note: these are lightly polished drafts, solely for your enjoyment. When I finish the novel, it will be highly polished, glistening, and a riot’s worth of dark-comedy fun!!!

Prologue 8/15/2014

1. The Blue Eyed Devil 8/20/2014

2. Danger Up Above 8/22/2014

3. A Fish, But Still a Man 8/29/2014

4. Forget Me 8/6/2014
* There are some song lyrics in this post that are part of a full song and maybe even a couple chords on the guitar that sound well with the words. I’ll see if I can post a video soon.


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