My name is David Puerner. I’ve been writing seriously for about 3 years now. I served as an editor for the Inky Squib, Butte College’s first Literary journal. I am very proud of the Inky Squib and the school that produced it. I’ve been a member of Northern California Novelists for about 2 and 1/2 years. I’ve led three creative writing workshops (1 at WordFire, and 2 though the Butte college Literary Arts Club).

I’m a fan of Sci-fi and Fantasy, Poetry which gives one pause to think, and solid storytelling.

Special shout out to the Haberdasher, an online Literary Magazine born in Butte County.

Currently I’m working on the first book of a potential series called, The Hebdomad: Beyond the Southerly Weepers.

Along with my first novel I am also working on a book of poetry called The Promise.

*Note: Due to legal issues Butte College’s WordFire Writer’s conference will be changing its name very soon. There is a small press out there that has sent us a cease and desist notice, and out college lawyer doesn’t see any merit in spend school funds defending our name… so, I’ll be updating all information as soon as I hear the name change.


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