Transition and Effect

Through a writer's lens *not my original image

Through a writer’s lens
*not my original image

For the last couple days (Since Sunday truthfully) I’ve been preparing my chapter for this week’s NCN meeting last Monday. It was my day to read, and it was the first reading I had this semester. This is one of the most difficult transitions I have to make between break and the start of the semester.

During the summer I’m a writer, and during this time my group usually is impressed with the “improvement” to my writing. I’m able to become absorbed in my story in a way I’m not always capable of during the semester, because as a student I’ve got a thousand other things all vying for my attention.

Usually the quality of my writing dips at this point, especially for my first chapter written during the semester, but what I produced over the past two days actually surprised me. My characters were real, my world was alive with pulse and heart beat, and the danger was a constant and present threat. I went into the meeting wondering how I’d fair, and surprise-surprise NCN responded well to the chapter.

John even finally hit me with the gun I always unload on him when he finally said something along the lines of, “for a 10 page chapter this was a good show, the only thing I can tell you is that I’m not always clear on the connective tissues and how each individual story links up with the next.” Fair enough.

To you that might sound harsh, but a comment like that is music to my ears, because the chapters I write are starting to soar more often than they crash and burn. This is great news! If I can hold an audience for 10 pages, with a bit of work I think I can hold them for 300, and I never would have gotten to the place where I am this confident in my abilities if it weren’t for NCN.

So it seems I can write, and I can write well during the semester. I think what has made my writing flatline in the past during this “transition period” was my own mind. I was thinking oh man how can a juggle being a student and a writer at the same time, something has got to give. That’s a very negative outlook instead I should have been thinking, naw man you’ve got this! I’ve proved to myself that school doesn’t have to hinder my writing if I don’t let it… now the question remains if I can maintain this outlook.

Thanks for reading,


PS- About Orandamned. As you may have noticed I didn’t post a continuation of Orandamned this past Friday. I apologize. I was working on my latest chapter for NCN, and couldn’t change gears… I’m afraid I have a one track mind when it comes to storytelling. That being the case I’ll make it up to you guys this week. I’m in the middle of a deep edit for Orandamned (going through the chapters and polishing the story up one paragraph at a time) and when I’m finished I’ll begin writing a double length chapter that I’ll post this Friday. Thank you for your patience, thank you for reading, and thank you for listening. I appreciate it.

PPS- So what’s going on in your lives. If you’ve been paying attention you know a lot about me, but I don’t know you very well yet. If you feel like chatting hit me up in the comments below! Love to hear from you!


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