Groups we Live in, and that Live in Us

All the connections both unseen and unheard

All the connections both unseen and unheard

Recently in my Sociology class we were asked to brainstorm a list of groups we were a part of and how those groups affect us. Well these are some of the groups our proff asked us to consider. My answers were quick and spur of the moment in class, but I thought it might be interesting to share, and perhaps something for you to consider.

Q: What groups are you a part of and how do those groups shape who you are?

Here’s mine

Family- I’m an only child. My parents and my aunts help me out financially quite a bit, and I suspect when I’m older I’ll be helping them just as much. In that way we have a bit of a symbiotic relationship we both give and take. My dad introduced me to two things that have significantly shaped my life, Star Trek and the Lord of the Rings. My mom is maybe a little more realistic, and I can definitely see more of her realism as opposed to my dad’s more idealistic views of the world.

Religion- I’m not in this group, but it’s hard not to be affected by organized religion. for example because Religion plays such a huge role in what society deems acceptable/appropriate behavior we at Burger Hut only get to listen to BOBFM (top 40s station) on the radio… and that’s just one of the many unseen ways Religion affects my life every day.

Friends and peers- This is one of the most important groups I’m in. Some of my best friends and peers are ambitious. We push each other to do better and go further. I worked hard to make sure my closest friends do anyways.

Government- This effects every level and facet of my life maybe almost as much as organized religion does. Gov. determines how much I get paid, how many classes I have to take before I can apply for the jobs I really give a  damn about, they affect who I can marry, and so many other things that are just as important… but Religion is one of the biggest things pushing for government to enforce their sense of morality.

Economy- I’m part of this group sure. I’m a consumer… although maybe I’m not a very good one at the moment. Most my income is designated to monthly bills and groceries… but the world seems happy with me right where I am.

Culture- Hard not to be a part of this group right. Culture does affect who I am, what kind of conversations I can have at a cafe, what activities occupy my time, where I spend my time and at what times during the day too. Culture affects the way I dress and speak, and even how I prioritize my goals.

Writing group- Northern California Novelists is one of the most influential groups I’m a part of right now. I’m trying to become a professional writer, and this group meets once a week on Monday nights to take two people’s stories and talk shop and hone skills. This group will be a part of me wherever I go in life.

Work- Burger Hut def. affects me. My manager has the lowest opinion of me out of all my coworkers (shift leaders included). He thinks I’m dumb and that I can’t see past my own nose, but I’m aware of it and I can see right through him… that being the case I can’t ask him for a raise. But it is a job I can keep as long as I want, I just won’t be moving up. So it’s a job that is emotionally degrading, but one that’ll put me through college. (To honest? :P)

Education- This has been huge for me. Butte specifically has been both a curse and a blessing. Through Butte I’ve found my writing group, I’ve helped put together WordFire two years in a row, I’ve been president of both the GSA and the Literary Arts Club, and I’ve accompanied the GSA to the Western Regional Queer Conference.I hate how long I’ve been at Butte (people judge you for that you know?) but through butte I’ve collected some amazing experiences, so I’ve got to be grateful at the end of the day.


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