New Book Review for Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian up on Audible

If you’d like to read my review of Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian on audible you can follow the link here.

What I can say here on Beyond the Southerly Weepers is this, Master and Commander is an excellent read. I was brought to its doorstep by the hollywood adaptation, and while this isn’t the book that inspired the movie it is the first step in a long, and most likely, ever-intreaguing path that seems to have no end in sight. What this story reminds me of most are those old adventure stories for young kids like, Adventures of Tom Sawyer. In Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain has his kids imagining all sorts of games about pirates and robin hood, and they get into a new situation every single chapter. The same is true here in Master and Commander, the only difference is that we are to believe that this story, Master and Commander, is set in reality and not the fertile plains of the imagination. Whatever the case, this story is one of swashbuckling bravery and daring! I particularly enjoyed O’Brian’s attention to strategy, as naval strategy is completely fascinating. 

i do recommend giving this book a listen, and it has made my daily bike-rides to work something to look forward to… even in triple-digit degree heat.


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